Tuesday, July 9, 2013

KPA 2013 Summer Workshop Schedule

KPA 2013 Summer workshop
Centre College, Danville, KY

If anyone is interested in attending, please contact Eva Cadavid at eva.cadavid@centre.edu

Thursday, July 18

7:30-8:15 am   Pick-up registration packet  Crounse 468
                        Continental breakfast

8:15 am           Introductions

8:30-9:50 am   Shelly Johnson “My Happiness and Yours: The Crucial Role Happiness Plays in Kant’s Account of the Virtuous and Moral Life”

10:00-11:20 am           Jeffrey Gold “An American Zen Buddhist Perspective on Suffering and Self Hate."

11:30am-1:30pm         Lunch at V-Market  (within walking distance)

1:30-2:50 pm   Manyul Im and A. Minh Nguyen “The Dao of Teaching Chinese Philosophy: Lessons from a Survey”

3:00-4:20 pm   Audrey Anton “Aristotle’s Voluntary Pathe”

4:30-5:50 pm   Eva Cadavid “Aristotle and Mathematical Matters”

Friday, July 19

8:00-8:30 am   Continental breakfast

8:30-9:50 am   J. Jered Janes “Securing a Future: Transcendental Phenomenology and the Contemporary Investigation of Consciousness”

10:00-11:20     Bryan Hall “Fichte’s False Dilemma”

11:30 am         Lunch at V-Market  (within walking distance)