Membership Information

Membership in the KPA is determined by payment of the Formal Meeting Fee. (Currently $30 for faculty and $10 for students.)
  • Membership lasts one year, i.e., from the time of the current Meeting for which payment is made until the next Formal Meeting of the KPA
  • If someone wishes to become a member but does not attend the Formal Meeting, they need only pay the Registration Fee applicable to the last Formal Meeting. Membership in these circumstances lasts only until the next Formal Meeting.
Business Meeting Voting Privileges
  • All members currently paid-up enjoy the privilege to vote at the Formal Meeting of the KPA
  • Any current undergraduate student of good standing at their host institution who has a major in Philosophy (or its equivalent) at one of the Kentucky Colleges or Universities listed on the KPA website and who has registered at the Formal Meeting of the KPA within one academic year of the current Formal Meeting may attend the Business Meeting as a non-voting member.

From the Kentucky Philosophical Association By-Laws (approved 4/5/14).

If you have further questions about membership, or would like to become a member, please contact the current KPA President.